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Socrates, one of the great philosophers, said it best when he explained  the purpose of philosophy is to know yourself. He was indicating the biggest problem with humans: We just don't know ourselves.  An even bigger problem is the fact we think we do. Most people do not pay attention to themselves and what they have going on inside. The funny thing is, others can see us and even understand us better than we understand ourselves.


The ignorance of not knowing yourself can be catastrophic.


On the surface, this might sound like an exaggeration. but consider these examples of significant negative events, all of which might occur due to a lack of self-knowledge:

  • Investing in the wrong educational program.
  • Taking a new job and relocating, only to discover it's a bad fit.
  • Purchasing expensive equipment for a hobby you never pursue.
  • Starting a business that fails when it turns out you don't like the work.


If you really want to know yourself, consider how you play.

This is one of the best ways to discover who you are. Why? Because before you were you, before you ever spoke a word, before you understood much about the world, you knew how to play. Your “Play DNA” came with you into this world and holds the key to who you are at your core, at your most authentic self.


We developed the Playsonality™ assessment to open a window into the hidden world of self. We are tremendously proud of this assessment and the positive feedback we have received from the start. Yet we continue to be surprised by how Playsonality can enlighten and change our understanding of priorities and unarticulated needs and wants.

Here are a few options to join us this summer:


1.  We are presenting at Mind Camp,  join us - register here.

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Busy this summer - how about September?  

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If you are a people leader who wants more engagement and who cares about the well-being and happiness of your people, ask us about our playful workshops and key notes!


To know yourself, you just need to consider PLAY!

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