How will your organization continue to succeed?


Research shows a leadership crisis headed our way.


How so? There is a serious lack of interest in rising through the ranks to become a leader. This is particularly true among younger workers. Consider these statistics from Randstad's Workmonitor 2024 :


  1. 1/3 of workers NEVER want to be managers.


  1. 60% of respondents value their personal lives over their work lives.


These numbers should make organizations sit up and take notice. After all, a business's long-term success depends on strong leadership. If fewer people are willing to take on such roles, organizations need to think about what this means for their future prospects.


Why don't people want to move up in their organizations? Isn't that the dream? Think about that second statistic we cited. Many of us have watched others take on increased responsibilities at work, move into managerial roles, and then burn out as work responsibilities take over their lives. This leads to issues with physical and mental health and causes personal relationships to suffer. Should work really be allowed to do this to us?


People are demanding the right to enjoy their personal lives and relationships. If employees are to feel dedicated to helping their company succeed long-term, then the company needs to show it is dedicated to the well-being of their employees. This means respecting boundaries and allowing flexibility to deal with life outside the office.


In the Randstad report, 72% of respondents stated they want access to skills-training to ensure future relevancy in their jobs. Providing these continual learning opportunities is another way employers can show workers they respect and value them. And adding a renewed focus on opportunities for leadership development—something many organizations have not been prioritizing—will help people to build their confidence in such roles, as well as help to increase interest in them.


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