Hit The 2023 Reset Button Now


If you are an organizational leader, you know the global pandemic has led individuals to reassess their personal and professional goals. Like many, you may be going through a mass resignation and rehiring process. 

Research conducted by McKinsey (Summer 2022) discovered that in the next few months, another 40% of employees plan to quit their jobs. Additionally, technology continues to excel and informed and savvy consumers are demanding more for less.


Corporate life becomes way more complicated as you pull together new teams, departments, and projects to respond to unprecedented demand. At the same time, you are probably cleaning up outdated systems that are being replaced by new technologies and processes. You are probably leaving redundant strategies behind as your teams are wayfinding towards their goals.


Newly formed leadership teams are facing great demands, and the current situation carries a heavier burden than most leaders have faced during their professional careers. This pressure means they are rolling up their sleeves and keeping their heads down as day-to-day tasks take priority over any type of strategic thinking and  planning. 


Managers are focused on damage control as they try to hit moving targets. The process of day-to-day corporate life is becoming disengaging, exhausting, and discouraging.


Leaders can try to imagine what may lie ahead. But the simple truth is we have no data on the future, so how can anyone plan? The average organization designs strategy based on some type of percentage increase from previous years. From that point, they develop a work plan we know will not be useful given the ever changing external and internal business environment.


As the dust settles, it is time to hit the reset button for 2023!


Now is the time to revisit your old vision, reprioritize initiatives, and reorganize resources while developing a clear and workable strategy forward. You may be wondering how to do this when everything keeps changing, making it very difficult to make critical decisions. 


This is where Strategic Play can help.

We work with organizations so they can anticipate changes no one else sees.  They use our tools to pivot and get ready to anticipate twists and turns that hit the local and global market. They do this by playing with strategy and future casting.


Call us today and we will develop the best two-day off-site workshop with your leadership team so you can recreate your vision and organizational and team strategy in 3D.

We will work with you to:


  1. Conduct a clear and accurate current situation analysis.
  2. Create the biggest and boldest vision possible to inspire and excite everyone.
  3. Develop a full and detailed business landscape that includes all stakeholders.
  4. Future cast based on emerging trends in your industry.
  5. Run scenarios to uncover potential issues, surprising opportunities, and amazing insights.
  6. Create a work plan with an accurate mental model the team shares, based on emerging information, which will create excellent alignment.
  7. Get all leaders on the same page, with clarified goals and all their what-ifs answered.


It is time to take a deep breath and have some serious fun while working with your team. Everyone will leave feeling inspired, confident, and recommitted to an amazingly successful future.

Your organization needs an integrated strategy that accounts for all risks at play.


Email us and we will get back to you within one business day.   hello@strategicplay.com



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