Building a Value Based Global Team


When we look at our organization today, it makes us happy and proud. 


We have grown and evolved so much over the years. Our founder, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, has taken us from a small start-up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to a global organization headquartered on the coast of British Columbia.


How did we get here?


It has involved a lot of hard work, to be sure. But it’s more than that. We strive to adhere to a code of ethics we strongly believe in, and we ensure everyone who joins the team shares our values. We expect each member to demonstrate respect by being fair and honest and only making promises they are sure they can keep. After all, what better way to demonstrate our trustworthiness to others?


We know the world will never be perfect, but we do our best to live and work in a way we can be proud of. We try to create positive change while acting with compassion and integrity, pursuing opportunities to support groups and causes that aim to create a better world for all. We have worked on initiatives such as antibullying, homelessness, and poverty reduction. We have also worked with municipalities to facilitate disaster-planning efforts and to redesign service delivery models.


There is a popular saying: Be the change you wish to see.


That really is the key. The closest we’ll ever come to living in a perfect society is if as many people as possible choose to live in a way that shows respect through kindness and honesty. These are the kinds of people we choose to surround ourselves with. And we truly believe this is why Strategic Play continues to grow. 

You can learn more about our values and ethics here, if you’d like to read more.

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