Why Can't Work Be Fun?



Has anyone ever said this to you?

You aren’t supposed to like your job. That’s why it’s called work.

Can you imagine if everyone felt this way? Blame societal norms: Children get to play and adults have to work. Here at Strategic Play, we are dedicated to changing this way of thinking.  

We have seen time and again the power of play in all the workshops we’ve run. We have seen countless adults (even the skeptics) give in and lose their inhibitions to play as they build their LEGO models. After their sessions, they leave convinced about the value of play. They’ve seen how they were able to gain a better understanding of their colleagues. They experienced being able to contribute to finding real and usable solutions. Many have thanked us afterward for the memorable experience they know will create change for their organizations.

Many of us have had early work experiences that were less than ideal. But now that we’ve found work can be both fun and fulfilling, we would never go back. How about you? Do you remember when you had the moment you realized you wanted more and decided to go for it? If you’re still struggling with making that leap, what is stopping you?

We’ll leave you with these words from play theorist Brian Sutton-Smith:

The opposite of play is not work. It is depression.

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