Frontiers in Social Innovation


Frontiers in Social Innovation

Edited by: Neil Malhotra

Publication date: March 2022

Review date: January 2022 

Social innovation is in the spotlight as more people and organizations grasp the significance of systemic issues affecting society and the planet. Complicated problems like these require the collaboration of a broad range of organizations and people to identify and work towards solutions that are not only effective but sustainable. Frontiers in Social Innovation uses case studies to illustrate key concepts, models and metrics , helping readers understand the complexities of social innovation in both theory and practice. It covers a wealth of information, from contemporary uses of social innovation to its potential uses in the future. 

The book’s contributors are comprised of organizational leaders,  academics, experienced practitioners, and thought leaders, who use their range of experiences to highlight and address problems adversely affecting social progress. This book will appeal to a wide audience among those who have a serious interest in creating positive and lasting social change.

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