LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods: What the Duck! Facilitator Training


-Learn to do more with less. This flexible fun tool is endless in its possibilities to deliver great results! Let's get quacking! 

 LEGO Serious Play 'What the Duck!

SERIOUS PLAY® Methods: What the Duck! Facilitator Training

Prerequisite:  None.

This is open enrollment because this is a short course that shows you how you can do more with less, just 6 LEGO® bricks required! 


Are you looking for some fun activities you can do with just a handful of bricks? Like most teachers, trainers, coaches, and counselors, you are likely being asked to do more with less. If so, this is the perfect training program for you.  You might be working with a classroom full of students, a large group of people at a conference, or a small group, board of directors, or group of executives. Regardless, we have the activities you need to keep people engaged, communicating, and learning while time flies.


So what’s with the duck metaphor?


We make use of the 6 LEGO® bricks that constitute a duck. This fast-moving, interactive training will take you by surprise as you see the power of the hand-brain connection and the diversity of thinking styles!


Using some of these interactive tools, participants enter the state of flow. This is the state psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to where we are in the zone. When we are in flow, our concentration increases, we think faster, and we learn at accelerated levels.


If you want to make a real splash, you can help flow occur more easily by using these tools. The greater the sense and feeling of flow, the greater the likelihood of accomplishment and correlation with improved performance.


This makes for a great activity to get started, and it is low budget too. All you need are some simple LEGO® bricks. It is amazing what you can do with just six bricks.  The true power of the process is the incredible ways in which the tool can be adapted and modified to deliver your outcome and results. Here are a few examples:


Facilitators/Coach:  This is a great way to introduce the power of diversity of thinking and improve communication.

Teachers/trainers: You can incorporate micro bites of playful learning to make your content stick and increase innovative thinking through storytelling and language development.

Counselors: You can tackle issues like listening, remembering, focusing, and deferral of judgment. You can also explore options.

Organizational Developers and Human Resource Professionals: This is a great tool for opening up onboarding sessions or meetings. 


These are just some of the things you can do with this flexible, powerful tool; but really, it's endless! 


The small number of bricks enables you to use 3D thinking tools and to take advantage of four stages of play:

  1.     Sensory and tactile
  2.     Storytelling and/or roleplaying with prototypes
  3.     Making and building with 3D artifacts that hold complex information     
  4.     Games with rules, to test scenarios and to change patterns of thinking


And this is what is so incredible:  Simply by starting to introduce a few activities into your group, classroom, meetings, or discussions, you can change the dynamics, open neural pathways, and facilitate greater insights.


What is included? 

  • Your training book full of activities
  • Handouts for planning and customizing programs
  • A sample set of duck bricks
  • Your individual diversity of thinking assessment
  • An assortment of LEGO® bricks for other bonus activities
  • Your certification, signed by a Master Trainer


focus-on-the-duck-cpsi cert


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