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Strategic Play® delivers LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods under the creative commons license held by the LEGO® Systems Group. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an internationally-renowned facilitated process used by organizations to engage participants to generate innovative ideas for organizational improvement.



LEGO Serious Play


This one-day training has been developed specifically for those curious about the process of

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and want to sample the training.


LEGO Serious Play Building


Of course, this is not the full complete training - think of it as a "pink spoon" at the ice cream shop. However, lucky you,  we have designed it to not only give you a taste of the tool but to provide you with some new methods and materials to add to your toolkit.


Strategic thinking with LEGO















Not only is this fun, it actually works well with adults of all ages, within all demographics, and across all cultures.  It’s a powerful tool ready for you to implement. If you are searching for a new approach to help your clients express themselves in a creative, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual way, this training will fit the bill.  


 You will leave this workshop with:

1. Your own set of special LEGO® bricks to run your first mini session with 6 people 

2. Handouts and printed materials 

3. A basic understanding of the methodology designed by the LEGO® Systems Group in Denmark along with the underpinning of the methodology and the fame works and theory behind it all

4. Ready to go activities that you can use anywhere within your existing approach 

5. A document showing your participation hours for your CEC or to be used toward full certificate training with Strategic Play Group Ltd. 

6. A great book that every creative facilitator should have!  




You will be trained by a Master Trainer!  

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Or call us for an introduction to the methods: 

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or email us: hello@strategicplay.com



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