Down Under: 3D Diagnostic Cards Based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods


 Submitted by: Sandra Lunn - SL consult and Jindi Resources (Australia and Macau, China)

Sandra has built a strong reputation over 20 years in the Asia Pacific region as an in-demand corporate trainer, vocational educator, facilitator, workplace coach, assessor, and consultant, as well as holding senior training organization roles in the Australian vocational sector. Sandra currently works mainly in Macau, China, and across Australia, with local government and private corporations to deliver her own workshops she has developed and customized to meet their specific needs.


"I purchased the cards after using them as a participant in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY ® Methods Facilitator certification course. I could see the versatility of the cards and their application in many different training situations, including enabling participants to experience something different from your stock-standard team building activity.  


I currently use them every chance I get, including:

  • Project Management workshop to discuss issues that may occur in project teams
  • To break down barriers and for storytelling opportunities with Indigenous Australians, who respond very well to the visual and fun aspects of the cards
  • To identify problems that will inhibit collaboration when innovating
  • As a quick energizer activity after lunch so participants can have some fun before transitioning back into training
  • To stimulate participants’ thinking and to talk uninhibitedly about hard to approach difficult topics


Whenever I am developing a new workshop, first I think about who my audience is and how I can use the cards.  I then build activities and content around this great tool.


I like to “Stack the Deck”. Sometimes people don’t want to open up about certain topics if the trainer starts the conversation, e.g. the topic of trust if there is team conflict. If you remove some cards from the deck and add in 3 or 4 of the same card then the chances are so much higher than someone will pick that card. The topic is then bought up by the participant, discussion flows, and barriers come down.


I try and use the cards at least once in all of my workshops as they have been so successful in breaking down barriers, opening communication channels, and they are so much fun.

Participants respond so well to the cards’ visuals and when we use them they are energised and inspired to open up and participate in the discussion, even those that are shy and introverted get actively involved.


They are a powerful training tool that I will continue to use to expand my repertoire of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods workshops! 


I can’t wait for Jacquie and Steve to develop more.


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