Building in Brazil!


Lucky us we are in Brazil with the 'Strategic Play Brasil Team!'


Yesterday we arrived here in Säo Paulo, Brazil.  This is our first time to this amazing country with a rich history and culture.   We are a bit jet lagged but happy to be here and excited about the next two weeks where we hope to meet lots of LSP facilitators.


This week we are running our training in Conflict Management with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods with Strategic Play Brazil.  Why is this course important, well most organizations don’t have a good way to understand or manage conflicts which are expensive!  You might measure the costs of complaints launched in your organization, but what about those people who are off on stress related illnesses? 


Conflicts that go unmanaged are responsible for huge losses in not only productivity but in staff turnover.  And staff turnover is only one expense that can be measured, the hidden costs of conflict are really the killer.  The hidden costs include those people wo become disillusioned and don’t quit but stay and continue to show up to work only to sabotage the work of the others.  In a recent gallop poll, only 13% of workers are actually engaged, 64% are sleep walking (just showing up for work) and the balance of 23% are out to undermine the work of the others.  


What can your organization do? 


First, you need to address these conflicts by better understanding the root causes. We have a well-designed processes to manage conflicts that includes all voices at the table. This process allows those closest to the conflict the ability to see the issues in 3D from all perspectives and take action to change an unhealthy and often dysfunctional situation and make it functional again.  When values, ethics, identities, and core principles are on the line, people need a way to feel heard, seen, and understood.  LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods and thinking in 3D is one of the most powerful ways to manage conflicts and shift perspectives. 


For more information on our LSP conflict courses, please contact us


 We can’t wait to build with you! 

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