Dr. Jumoke Fola-Alade is passionate about Creative Thought Leadership and is convinced that the African continent is impoverished by hectares of unmined wealth of human capital that can be harnessed with the right methodologies and tools to empower Africans to “Rethink For Change” through play. Jumoke is ready to play her part in a catalytic process that prepares the vast African continent to be the dominant “play-er” in 4th Industrial Revolution.

She is a Dental Surgeon by qualification (College of Medicine University of Lagos) with a Masters degree in Informatics (Kings College London). She is also a certified advanced creative writer (Pan African University).

Her practice as a poet and spoken word performer, which spans over a decade in the atypical corporate space has positioned her uniquely to interact with an emerging workplace future that will be driven by an unprecedented demand for creativity.  Along with being a certified LSP facilitator, she is also a certified, licensed trainer in the method of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and a key member of the Strategic Play Group’s training team.