April Anazodo transforms ideas into action.

As a creative strategist, April has helped a number of organizations across various industries design implementable roadmaps to achieve their long and short-term objectives. She accredits her strong analytical skills to her training as a Lawyer and love for legal sitcoms. 

April has worked with one of Africa’s biggest banks where she developed several governance frameworks and strategic policies implemented in 20 African countries. 

Her mind is a whirlwind of endless possibilities, she envisions Africa as an innovation hub for the rest of the world and is passionate about raising ingenious leaders who would realize the potential of the African continent.

Having found the perfect tool, April creatively infuses her knowledge of the corporate climate in Africa in her application of LEGO®SERIOUSPLAY® methods to help organizations navigate through disruptive change.  Not only is she a certified facilitator but she is also a certified, licensed trainer in the method of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and leading the way in Africa.