3D Cards in China

3D Diagnostic Cards are Playing in China!

By Brian Tang

Brian Tang is a professional trainer and facilitator, specializing in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, leadership development, adult learning, and design and delivery of blended learning in China. He helps his clients—individuals and corporates—to realize their potential through learning and hard playing. He bought the cards when he had his Teams & Groups Certification Training in Whistler, Canada and fell in love with them immediately. He knew he could do a lot with these cards! 




“I use the Visual Discovery and Superhero/Villain cards the most. I basically use them in the context of the theme of the workshop.

Some examples of how I use the Superhero/Villain cards:


  • In public presentation training: Pick a character you think is the worst public speaker and tell us why.
  • In team development training: Pick a character you think is the best team player and tell us why.
  • In a creativity workshop: Pick a character you think is the most creative and tell us why.


As you can see, you can relate the cards to the theme of the day, however, you want.


Some examples of how I use the Visual Discovery cards:

  • Storytelling: Each person picks three cards and everyone sits in a circle. One person starts telling a short story with one card, then the person sitting next will continue the story with one card in their hand, and the story goes on. When it goes back to the first person, he or she needs to use the second card to continue the story, and on and on. So the rule is each card can only be used once. The story ends when everybody has finished using their cards. The moral of the activity is we are all fantastic storytellers and we are creative. See how much the cards can help us to be creative storytellers?
  • One time I ran a workshop for a student association of a university. I was told they volunteer for the same association and they have met. But after the first activity, I found they didn’t even know each other’s names. So I quickly pulled out the Visual Discovery card deck. I gave the instructions for each person to pick a card and tell us something unique about themselves. It saved my day.


 I will never deliver a training or workshop without these cards at my disposal.”


If you are interested in learning more about getting certified in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods in Asia - email Brian:  Brian.Tang@stratgicplay.com 

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