2024 Strategic Play Conference

March 18-20, 2024

The Location: The Dali Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida


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Conference speakers and leaders will be coming from the following organizations: 

Google, UK

Disney University, Florida, USA

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, California, USA

USA Department of Defense, USA

Intel Flex, Oregon, USA

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, California, USA


Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH, Austria


The Dali, Florida, USA


Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany

Strategic Play Global

Brickville, LEGO® Professional Builder, B.C. Canada


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And join us for our

New Book Launch- "Now What The Duck?"

It's time to lead the play movement by

planning your own unique 

playful life.


18-20 March 2024 in St. Petersburg, Florida (USA) at the Dali Art Museum. 

3-day Conference full of playful programs, workshops, and certification training for professional and personal development in this world class facility. 

Lead by international experts from North America, UK, EU and Africa, you’ll learn from industries leaders specializing in the field of play while you develop and customize your own individual plan to step into a leadership role to recharge the Power of Play. 

Now is the time to step into a leadership role - teams, organizations, communities, around the world need more playful approaches to engage, activate, and implement! 

On March 18,  "Playing with Professors". Again this year Strategic Play Global will offer up variety of speakers who will bring their diverse perspectives of research and practice in the field of play in these fast moving Ted Style Talks with experimental learning and expert panel discussion. 

On March 19, "Planning your Playful Life". This experimental presentation will be provided by leaders in the field of Design Thinking. The  presentation will be followed by table top activities lead by experts in playful strategies so you will experience new tools and techniques and emerge with your future play-filled plan that you will develop.


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On March 20,  "Playsonality© Certification". Join us for this post certification training in Playsonality© and the gain skills and tools to offer your own customized play-style assessment workshops. 


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Golden Brick Awards!

The Golden Brick Awards are given to individuals leading the way by demonstrating their commitment to the adult play movement.  Our awards are built by hand by a Canadian Certified LEGO® Professional Builder (and Master Builder), Robin Sather.

2019 From left to right: Richard Perez, P&G, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, Strategic Play founder, and Robin Sather, LEGO Professional Builder.





2024 Strategic Play Conference Speakers 

Dr. Kimberly Macuare  

Co-Director of Innovation Labs: The Dali

Playground: USA
Language: English

Dr. Kimberly Macuare, Co-Director of Innovation Labs at The Dalí, is an experienced educator, curriculum designer and writer. In her role as the lead program designer and facilitator for the Innovation Labs, she has helped many organizations—from non-profits to government entities to Fortune 100 companies—build their innovation capacities by developing creativity-focused mindsets and problem-solving skills. She has extensive experience in both arts-based methods, such as Visual Thinking Strategies, and creativity-focused processes and frameworks, including Creative Problem Solving, design thinking, FourSight, and LEGO® Serious Play®. Deeply engaged in innovation culture, she has taught courses on creativity and innovation, designed innovative educational programming, and interviewed and written about some of the greatest innovators and innovations of the modern era. She holds a BA in English from the University of Cincinnati, an MA in English from The Ohio State University and a PhD in English with a specialization in medieval literature and economics from The Ohio State University.

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Sara Ramadoro: Google Creative  

Head of Sales Tools EMEA: Google UK

Playground: UK
Language: English & Italian

Sara Ramadoro is a creative enthusiast currently leading a team of marketing learning designers for the Google Digital Academy. She has 10+ of experience in management consulting, learning design and facilitation having previously worked as a senior consultant and course author for LinkedIn Learning and Willis Towers Watson. She has originally started her career as a conference simultaneous interpreter, before a big AHA moment at a creativity conference, when she realized facilitation was her true dream job.

On a personal level... She is a restless traveller, a challenge seeker, a voracious learner and has a thing for trying out new things, or never doing the same recipe the same way twice.


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow” – Anthony J. D’Angelo.




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Paul Propster  

Senior Strategist: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Playground: USA
Language: English

Paul Propster is a seasoned storyteller, strategy-lover, line-blurrer, dot-connector, and message-driven professional.

With more than 25 years in strategic communications, Paul has helped clients across industry to tell their stories.

From small, women-owned businesses to energy to technology to NASA, he partners with teams to cultivate a

narrative that produces greater emotional investment in stakeholders.


Since 2014, Paul has been the resident “Storytelling Architect” and Senior Strategist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s Office of Formulation.

In his first 2 years at JPL, he led the capture of several space science missions for Earth, Solar System, and Astrophysics ranging in value from $50M to $450M.


In 2022, Paul established JPL’s first StoryLab, with the purpose of embedding the power of narrative thinking across the Lab.

StoryLab helps teams with “stuck” stories, leads strategic communications efforts, and develops credible messengers for science, engineering, and technology.

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Dr. Tricia Garwood  

Leadership Development Manager, Disney University

Playground: USA
Language: English

Tricia joined the Disney Company in 2001 and is currently leadership development and design manager at the Disney University, a role in which she works with executives to assess and then design the right learning solution to drive leadership success and optimize business. Tricia also provides consultation to various clients within the company to help them fully tap their creative expertise. Through her research and experience, Tricia has explored the often-stormy relationship between the psychological fundamentals of creativity and the practical components of innovation with their direct applications in business, the arts, and sciences.

Tricia has a Masters in human resources from Villanova University and a doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership from Creighton University where her dissertation focused on collaboration and leadership creative problem solving preferences. Tricia has authored and co-authored a number of publications over the years, most recently a chapter in Emerald Publishing’s “Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change” entitled Benevolent Subversion: Graffiti, Street Art, and the Emergence of the Anonymous Leader.  

Tricia became passionate about the creative process her senior year of high school and has been researching creativity and teaching corporate, educational, and individual clients how to develop and apply creative and innovative techniques ever since. Prior to joining Disney in 2001, she founded her Philadelphia-based consulting business, The Idea Shop.  Tricia helped her clients establish a creative culture through individual and corporate coaching, seminars, classes, and facilitating ideation sessions.

Tricia is presently the currently the board chair for the Creative Education Foundation.

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Prof. Sven Poguntke  

Professor of Creative Methods: Darmstadt University

Playground: Germany
Language: English & German

Prof. Sven Poguntke
Sven Poguntke is based in Germany and for the last 18 years, along with teaching full  time, he has also worked nationally and internationally as an Independent Consultant, Facilitator, Management Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Book Author, and University Lecturer. His clients are mostly global companies, such as Ernst & Young, Continental Automotive, Hoffmann La Roche, Telekom, and Merck. Sven is a specialist for Ideation-/Innovation- and Business Design Tools, e.g. (Service) Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, or Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Design (graduate of the Master Class by Alex Osterwalder). Moreover, he is a certified Design Sprint Master, a Scrum Master and (since 2012) a certified facilitator for the Lego® Serious Play® Method and a licensed SGP Europe LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainer.

Sven loves to teach and loves to share his enthusiasm for cool, fun, and innovative tools in a business context. Lego® Serious Play® method has become his favorite. He particularly enjoys working in inspiring environments of Startup-Hubs, Innovation Centers, and Digital Experience Labs.

Sven has a background in Business Administration (University Mannheim/Germany and the University of North Carolina/USA). Earlier in his career, he has worked in Strategic Management for a public transportation company, as a Senior-Consultant for a major German Consultancy and most recently as a Visiting Professor for Design Thinking and Innovation. He is the author of the book „Corporate Think Tanks“ published by Springer/Gabler.

Bio Deutsch
Sven Poguntke lebt in Deutschland und hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren national und international als Consultant, Moderator, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Buchautor und Hochschuldozent gearbeitet. Unter seinen Klienten befinden sich namhafte globale Unternehmen wie Ernst&Young, Continental, Hoffmann La Roche, Telekom und Merck. Sven ist Spezialist für Ideation-/Innovations- und Business-Design-Tools wie (Service) Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy oder Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Design (Absolvent der Masterclass bei Alex Osterwalder). Darüber hinaus ist er zertifizierter Design Sprint Master, SCRUM Master sowie (seit 2012) zertifizierter Trainer für die Lego®-Serious-Play®-Methode.

Sven zeigt eine große Leidenschaft bei seinen Trainings und liebt es, seinen Enthusiasmus für coole, spannende und innovative Methoden an seine Teilnehmer weiterzugeben. Dabei ist die Lego®-Serious-Play®-Methode eine seiner Favoriten geworden. Er arbeitet bevorzugt in den inspirierenden Umgebungen von Startup-Hubs, Innovation Center und Digital Experience Labs. 

Dipl.-Kfm. Sven Poguntke studierte Betriebswirtschaft an den Universitäten Mannheim und North Carolina/USA. Zu Beginn seiner beruflichen Laufbahn arbeitete er im Strategischen Management bei einem Verkehrsdienstleister, als Senior-Consultant bei einer namhaften Unternehmensberatung sowie kürzlich als Vertretungsprofessor für Design Thinking & Innovation. Er ist Autor des Buches „Corporate Think Tanks“, erschienen im Springer/Gabler- Verlag.

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Robin Sather  

LEGO® Certified Professional: Brickville Design Works

Playground: Canada
Language: English

Bio Under Construction

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Dr. Andrea Grimm  

Expert: Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH

Playground: Austria
Language: English & German

Dr. Andrea Grimm is an expert in green marketing, innovation and branding based in Vienna. She is the founder and CEO of the boutique agency SAY GREEN, co-founder of the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD and works as a juror in the field of sustainability. She also coaches companies and their teams in marketing, innovation and transformation projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainer for STRATEGIC PLAY® GLOBAL.

She is a specialist book author ("Green Marketing 4.0" by Springer Gabler; " Assholes: Dealing with Adversaries with Confidence" on Amazon) and a speaker at national and international specialist conferences.

At FERDINAND PORSCHE FERNFH, she is co-director of the Department of Life Long Learning.

Previously, together with Dr. Astin Malschinger, she established and managed the austrian marketing campus with innovative study programmes, a Consumer Science Center and a Trend Forum for over 20 years. She has advised leading companies as well as non-profit organizations and managed international research projects.

Andrea Grimm holds a doctorate in communication from the University of Vienna and a degree in Innovative Leadership Management from Harvard Business School.

Her personal mission is to enfold the potential of people and a sustainable business.

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Dr. Astin Malschinger  

Programme Director Executive Education: Ferdinand Porsche FERNFH

Playground: Austria
Language: English & German


Astin Malschinger has used creative problem solving as the foundation for her work for the past 25 years. She has applied it in every role she has held in her varied career and used it as the foundation for her approach. In her career, she has led or supported diverse teams around the world to drive innovation in their projects.

She applies the principles of creative problem solving through Empathic Design and Design Thinking to disrupt habitual thinking and help individuals, teams and organizations achieve breakthroughs. For more than 20 years, she has led hundreds of innovative workshops and developed and established numerous study programs. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, leadership development, team development, analytical and planning work, and product development.

Astin Malschinger hold degrees in Journalism and Communication Studies from the University of Vienna, studied Marketing at the University of Santa Barbara, Innovation at MIT and received certifications as a trainer and facilitator for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, Creative Thinking System as well as licensing for models of personality analysis.

Astin Malschinger teaches marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking. Together with Andrea Grimm she heads the department for executive education at the Ferdinand Porsche University of Applied Sciences in Austria.

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Dr.Toni Hawkins-Scribner, Ed.D  

US Department of Defense - EU

Playground: Canada
Language: English

Dr. Toni Hawkins-Scribner is the Director of Research and Academic Advisor at the Department of Defense, The Air University, Squadron Officer School. 

Dr. Hawkins-Scribner is an educator, designer, and retired U.S. Department of the Air Force veteran. Previously, she served across multiple military leadership education and medical training programs.  To include managing Air Force medical degree programs at the Community College of the Air Force; guiding teaching and curricula teams in DoD USAF medical courses and Air Force Professional Military Education programs; and leading Headquarters Air University-level innovation teams — pioneering new ways to design, develop, and integrate learning strategies and emerging educational technologies into formative student and faculty learning experiences. 


Toni completed her doctoral work at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University. Research interests include learning sciences, learning technologies, immersive learning, mentoring/coaching, and virtual learning environments.

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Sarah D. Moyle  

Senior Consultant: Intel Flex

Playground: USA
Language: English

Sarah is a Creative Facilitator and Visual Storyteller based out of Portland, Oregon. She introduced innovative facilitation methods inside a Fortune 500 technology giant, Intel. A self-taught graphic recorder and graphic facilitator, Sarah loves to spark and encourage creative and visual thinking in others. In addition, she creates explanatory and marketing whiteboard animation videos on a variety of topics ranging from technology to policy.

Upon discovery of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® she quickly fell in love. The uniqueness and engagement of the methodology is the perfect match for her social, creative, and playful spirit. Sarah loves designing thoughtful and effective sessions that yield the desired outputs – and gets very excited about finding new ways to apply LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. As a bonus, spending so much time with LEGO® bricks is earning her mad-building skills that will impress her toddler when he gets older.

On a personal note, Sarah enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family, traveling to new places, and terrifying her neighborhood/co-workers on Halloween. It’s pretty easy to tell which house is hers in October.

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Dr. Steve Ralph, Jr.  

Lead Trainer: USA

Playground: USA
Language: English


Dr. Steve Ralph, Jr is passionate about catalyzing ingenuity in those he comes into contact with.  Not only does Dr. Ralph offer workshops and certification training with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, he is also a professor at Pepperdine University's Graziadio Business School, Dr. Ralph teaches courses in creativity and innovation, leadership and team dynamics. He is also the Founder of EPIC International Summit (recognized as one of the top 15 most innovative meetings in North America). Dr. Ralph consults with organizations utilizing the creative problem-solving process, is a certified trainer in the FourSight Thinking Assessment and a coach, with training from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Dr. Ralph's professional background has included business development and corporate relations roles in higher education, entertainment and non-profit industries.

Dr. Ralph earned his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University.  He is a frequent speaker at international creativity conferences and has been active in several professional organizations, including the Creative Education Foundation and Consortium of Southern California of Colleges and Universities, where he served as co-chair for the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties region.  Dr. Ralph's research interests are centered in creativity and innovation, with special focus in personal disruption, pause practices and the impact of exponential technology.


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Jacqueline Lloyd Smith  

Founder: Strategic Play Global

Playground: Canada
Language: English

Jacqueline (Jacquie) is a skilled facilitator and Master Trainer and holds a diploma is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  methodology from the LEGO® Group in Denmark. In 2007, Lloyd Smith received the partner business growth award from LEGO® and also that year, she began certifying facilitators for The LEGO® GROUP.  In 2009, Jacquie was appointed to the training board in the LEGO® Play for Business division where she worked to bring LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods into the Open Source model.  Jacquie is a Registered Art Therapist (ATR), is certified in Play Therapy & Creative Problem Solving.

In 2000, she earned an MA in Conflict Analysis and Management; and in 2006, she completed an MBA in Executive Management (Management Consulting).  She earned both degrees from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In 2005, she studied business strategy and global business in Grenoble, France. In November 2006, she received the Ted Wilson Memorial Award for Lifelong Learning from Royal Roads University.  

Jacquie instructed at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario Canada for over ten years, where she developed and delivered curriculum for the postgraduate Art Therapy students. She has also taught in the business department at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. From 2012-2019, she was an associate faculty member in the MBA program at Royal Roads University in Victoria.

During her career, she has trained and facilitated thousands of professionals in North America, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, with modules she specifically developed to meet their needs.  

She has been a certified Canadian Management Consultant since 2009 and holds NAFTA Secret Clearance. She was nominated by her peers in 2010 and is a Fellow with the Royal Society for the Arts.  

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