The Diversity Gap: Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change



By Bethaney Wilkinson

Publication Date: October 2021

Review Date: September 2021


Many leaders have good intentions regarding organizational diversity, but few are able to effectively execute on them. Wilkinson, a racial justice facilitator, wrote The Diversity Gap in an effort to help leaders understand why. She examines how systemic oppression, a direct result of long-ingrained white supremacy, has created an environment that inherently disadvantages minorities. Leaders who are committed to establishing a truly diverse workplace culture understand this is not possible without dignity for every member of the organization. When each person has the freedom to be their true self without the fear of being judged by their identity, they can produce their best work.

Wilkinson creates a powerful narrative to illustrate the constant psychological stresses of minority individuals trying to function in a majority-white organization. She accomplishes this by sharing her own experiences as a young black woman, along with those of other diverse individuals. The appendixes include worthwhile information, such as a self-assessment and suggested strategies for pursuing organizational diversity. The Diversity Gap is a valuable read for all leaders, regardless of background, who want to drive their organizations to allow all members to thrive as equals.

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