The Disruption Game Plan: New Rules for Connected Thinking on Innovation and Risk


By Ruth Murray-Webster and Eleanor Winton

Publication Date: May 2021

Review Date: June 2021


Murray-Webster and Winton are professional consultants experienced in matters of risk and innovation. Over the years, they have been disappointed to see many organizations miss out on opportunities. The authors have observed that winning businesses seek out potential threats and exploit them for value creation and growth. These organizations have senior leaders who are committed to being curious, creative, and collaborative. Their leaders have also learned to approach decision-making in a way that does not focus on the rational.

In Disruption Game Plan, Murray-Webster and Winton seek to pass on their knowledge of how businesses can succeed in the face of threat. To do this, they walk readers through their four-step process to create a disruption game plan. Additionally, the authors provide insightful stories and tips to make their process approachable.

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