Ronan is constantly curious with a passion for innovating. He is innately empathetic and loves to understand and assist others.

He has over a decade of director and senior leadership experience and has, since his Masters in 2004, used the principles and practices of Creative Problem Solving and design thinking to guide him…..(plus lots of trial and error!).

He is a licensed SGP Europe LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainer, a certified  Scrum Master and has worked internationally with various companies and design agencies that wish to advance their operations and culture in order to deliver memorable customer and employee experiences.

His passion to teach others innovative, ‘people-centric’ methodologies and frameworks led him to consult and lecture for numerous years in service design, design thinking, Jobs-To-Be-Done, Google Design Sprints and Lean Startup.

He believes business culture should be keenly considered and inclusively designed, yet is still a significantly under-realised asset by most businesses.