LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Free Resources

Free? Really?


It's true!   Some things in life you just can't buy! 


We know that people really want to try things first before jumping in. And that's why we have some cool things right here for you to try yourself to see if you like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. And we don't want you to wait another second. Just click the picture to download!


 Everyone Can Build A Tower!

LEGO Serious Play Free - Everyone can build a tower



Who doesn't want a LEGO® Superhero Key Chain?

LEGO Serious Play Superhero Keychain



Great resource from LEGO®

Open-Source Introduction to Lego Serious Play

What can you do with just six bricks?
The LEGO® Foundation has some ideas - free download.

What can you do with six lego bricks? Six Bricks Booklet Free


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